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Signs A Vehicle Needs Brake Maintenance Or Repair

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Brakes are considered to be one of the most crucial parts of a car. It is important for motorists to be cautious and pay attention to warning signs that their vehicle may be telling them. These warning signs could mean their vehicle brakes are in need of service or repair.

It is always important to inspect and service your car using the most trusted and certified mechanics you can find. There are many Santa Clarita auto centers, but Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. has “the tools, skills and desire to help.”

This Santa Clarita auto shop will make sure to make any visit “quick and convenient,” according to owner Dave Reeves. It helps to know what automotive shops drivers can truly rely on, and Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. is one of them. Reeves is a qualified automotive center that strives to turn first-time customers into returning customers.

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It is important to remember that a vehicle, new or used, should be regularly inspected, and repairs done as soon as possible when there are warning signs; especially when it comes to brakes. After all, this is what allows a vehicle to stop properly.

Sometimes it’s easy for motorists to get distracted and prolong fixing an issue with a vehicle, but drivers should put brake issues at the top of their list.

Brakes on a vehicle work by using the force of friction to convert energy into heat; vehicles use their disk brakes, which consist of the brakes discs themselves, brake calipers and brake pads.

With all three of these parts involved in the working of a vehicle’s brakes, it is important for drivers to be sure that all three are in working order. One part cannot work without the other. They are all a team, allowing the car to come to a stop.

A couple of signs that motorists should know when trying to determine if their brakes need maintenance or repair are: a vehicle taking longer to stop or a brake light symbol appearing on the car’s dashboard.

A few more signs a vehicle may be showing a driver that its brakes need maintenance are: worn pads, unusual sounds, pulling feeling, vibration and temperamental pedal.

Reeves Complete Auto Center is a local Santa Clarita automotive center specializing in a wide variety of automotive maintenance and repair services including brakes, oil change, tune ups, engine repair, transmission repair, lifetime oil change, and general maintenance and service. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, Reeves Auto Center aims to serve all customers with quality and value. 

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