Transmission Repair

Your transmission enables your engine to transfer the power it generates to the wheels. Manual transmissions require driver input to change gears. Automatic transmissions tend to be more common in North America and allow the vehicle to change gears automatically.

At Reeves Complete Auto Center we service automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, as well as continuously variable transmissions (known as CVTs) commonly found in hybrid, electric, and other newer cars.

If you believe your vehicle might be experiencing transmission issues be sure to give Reeves a call, send an email, or stop by the shop.

When You Should Come In For Transmission Repair

There are numerous symptoms that could indicate you are in need of transmission repair. Some symptoms to look out for are:

  • Your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid
  • It is difficult to change gears or your clutch is jammed with a manual transmission
  • You smell something burning
  • Your vehicle is making strange noises
  • Unusual grinding or shaking
  • Transmission warning light illuminated on your dashboard

Pinpointing The Problem

Modern vehicles are equipped with computers that a qualified mechanic can hook up to. These computers indicate to the mechanic what part of your vehicle is misbehaving so that proper action can be taken. These computer systems allow our team at Reeves to pinpoint what action needs to be taken to repair a vehicle’s transmission, as well as other issues such as engine problems.

Our transmission repair work is covered by the excellent Confidence Plus North American Warranty offered by Confidence Plus certified automotive repair shops. Have peace of mind that we stand by our work and will do everything possible to make sure your vehicle is running as well as it can.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about your automotive repair needs. For pricing, appointments, etc. call or email Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

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