A/C Repair

Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. is ready to help with all your A/C repair needs. Our staff understands how important it is in Santa Clarita to keep your A/C running cool and efficient.

The Purpose Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units in vehicles help regulate the temperature inside your vehicle all year long. With intense heat waves, Santa Clarita drivers rely on their A/C systems to help get them through those hot months.

How Does A/C Work?

Your car’s A/C works by transferring heat from inside your vehicle to the air outside. In order to do this your A/C system is filled with a special refrigerant gas. That refrigerant gas is compressed into a liquid and sent to a condenser. When the now liquid refrigerant evaporates back into its gas form it helps transfer heat from inside your vehicle outside.

When Should I Get A/C Repair?

First, you should consult your vehicles owners manual for specific manufacturer recommendations. Otherwise, it is a good starting point to have your A/C inspected every 20,000 miles. If you feel like your A/C is not working as well as it should, there is a strange or foul odor coming from your vents, or another issue then be sure to get your A/C checked.

Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. A/C repair technicians will be sure to help you diagnose and fix all your A/C issues.

If you feel like your car is in need of A/C repair feel free to stop by, email us, or give us a call and our team will be happy to help you. We’re always ready to help our customers in Santa Clarita.

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