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Why It Is Important To Get Your Oil Changed On A Regular Basis

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When the Santa Clarita days get longer and schools are nearing their end, it can only mean one thing: summer! The time of the year where most vacations occur and people drive more than ever. As you prepare to use your car more than often, it’s important to take care of the routine procedures that can keep your car running more efficiently. One of the most important procedures to have done is a routine oil change.

The Importance Of The Oil Change

Most people understand that oil changes are a necessary part of owning a car, but don’t know why. This lack of knowledge of what your car’s oil does for you is one of the biggest challenges people face when trying to understand why oil changes are so vital for your car’s maintenance.

When your engine turns on, all of its inner moving pieces do their jobs and start moving at high speeds. Without a proper lubricant, the natural friction of the moving pieces would cause an increase of internal engine temperature which could lead to pieces of metal being stripped and stuck inside. This engine damage could lead to a possible engine failure.

Thankfully, engine oil acts as a lubricant that keeps the internal workings of your engine moving smoothly without any harmful effects of friction. Now that you understand why having engine oil is so important, let’s move on to when and why it should be replaced.

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The general rule of oil changes is that you should change your engine’s oil once every 5,000 miles. This number can go up or down depending on the type of car you have, where you drive it, how old it is, and much more. For the best idea of when to change your car oil, take a look
inside the owner’s manual where the manufacturers are sure to have included that specific number.

Routinely replacing your oil is incredibly important to keeping your car running efficiently. As time goes on, the same oil flows through your engine, becoming less and less efficient at its job.
Dust and dirt can accumulate from the environment and become trapped in the oil, repeatedly banging against your engine. Replacing that oil removes the dirt accumulation in your engine and keeps it safe.

Even if you live in an environment without dirt, over time your oil loses efficiency. As oil ages, it breaks down into a type of sludge that does more damage to your engine than good. Replacing your oil regularly keeps that from happening.

Scheduling an oil change is one of the simplest ways to keep your car running without problems. To find expert help with this matter and any other car problem, visit Reeves Automotive in Santa Clarita where you can purchase a Reeves Lifetime Oil Change. The Lifetime Oil Change program allows you to never have to pay for an oil change again for the lifetime of your vehicle. Click here for more information the Lifetime Oil Change Program offered by Reeves Complete Auto Center in Santa Clarita, CA.

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Reeves Complete Auto Center is a local Santa Clarita automotive center specializing in a wide variety of automotive maintenance and repair services including brakes, oil change, tune ups, engine repair, transmission repair, lifetime oil change, and general maintenance and service. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, Reeves Auto Center aims to serve all customers with quality and value. 

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Why It Is Important To Get Your Oil Changed On A Regular Basis

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