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What To Do If Your Car’s ‘Check Engine’ Light Turns On

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It can be difficult to know why a check engine light has come on in your vehicle, but when you spot one on your dashboard, you should definitely make sure to address it as quickly as possible.

Often lights turn on to signify a door is open or an occupant of the vehicle isn’t wearing their seatbelt, but of long-term concern are the lights for things such as check engine, brakes or tire pressure.

Some motorists might become alarmed when their “check engine” lights comes on, and it is critical to find out the cause of the light.

There could be many reasons for a “check engine” light to turn on, with two possibilities being a loose gas cap or faulty oxygen sensors.

Oxygen sensors keep measurements of how much oxygen is unburned in the vehicle’s exhaust.

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If the oxygen sensor is in need of maintenance or repair, more fuel will be burned than necessary, and a faulty oxygen sensor can extend into spark plugs or the catalytic converter.

Officials from Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc. noted, “Once a part has been identified as faulty, your local Santa Clarita mechanic will be able to begin work on replacing or repairing the damaged part.”

In addition, a loose gas cap results in fumes being released from the vehicle with the possibility of fuel loss by evaporation, leading to more gas fill-ups than necessary, as well as fuel tank pressure being improperly maintained.

In conclusion, when the “check engine” light appears on your vehicle’s dashboard, finding a trusted Santa Clarita mechanic right away to inspect the vehicle and determine the problem so it can be repaired is vital.

Reeves Complete Auto Center Inc officials advised motorists in this situation “to visit a qualified mechanic to properly diagnose the problem,” adding, “It is important to visit a shop that you can trust to make sure your problem is properly diagnosed and fixed.”

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