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Top Reasons Your Car’s Charge And Car Battery Is Not Properly Working

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We at Reeves Complete Auto Repair need to warn all car owners of the top reasons a car’s charge and car battery is not working.

When a car needs inspection or repair, we here at Reeves Complete Auto Repair want to share our top skills and years of experience with car owners in Santa Clarita and to those all around! If you are in need of auto repair in Santa Clarita or a battery replacement in Santa Clarita, Reeves has got you covered.

Why is your vehicle clicking when turning the key and not turning on? The answer is most likely that the car battery needs to be checked and possibly replaced. Old corroded batteries with low charges are not optimal for a prolonged battery life.

What contributes to the destruction and tear of your battery is simple but can be hard to figure out if you are unaware of ways the battery can stay on, and continue to be used while the car is in park and even when turned off.

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A common way new car owners can be unaware of their battery charge getting eaten up is a faulty brake light stopper. Underneath the brake pedal is a stopper that prevents brake lights from being on while the brake is not in use. If that stopper is gone or just chewed up, the brake lights will eat up a car’s charge, making the battery likely to die out quicker.

Other reasons all relate to headlight or plug ins eating up an already weak battery. We here at Reeves Complete Auto Repair need all car owners to know if your battery needs inspection or perhaps a brand new installation, stopping by Reeves is your best bet.

Here at Reeves Complete Auto Repair we don’t just focus on mediocre auto repair, we focus on efficient customer service and top tier auto repair for all our customers and new comers who love the service we can provide.

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