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Outstanding Transmission Repair Services Available At Auto Center In Santa Clarita

disassembled transmission - auto center in santa clarita

Those looking for outstanding transmission repair services for manual, automatic and continuously variable transmissions can turn to an auto center in Santa Clarita.

Through the transmission, a vehicle’s engine is able to transfer its generated power to the wheels, making it a key part in the proper functioning of the vehicle, according to Reeves Complete Auto Center, Inc.

While a driver can change gears themselves using a manual transmission, automatic transmissions are most commonly seen in vehicles nationwide. But with a rise in electric, hybrid and other newer cars, continuously variable transmissions are becoming more common as well.

A few symptoms of vehicle transmission problems, provided by Reeves Complete Auto Center, include:

  • The vehicle is leaking transmission fluid;
  • It smells like something is burning in the vehicle;
  • The vehicle is making strange noises;
  • There is an unusual grinding or shaking when driving the vehicle;
  • The vehicle’s dashboard has displayed a transmission warning light; and
  • It is difficult to change gears on a manual transmission, or the clutch is jammed.
  • If these warning signs are observed by a motorist, they can reach out to an auto center in Santa Clarita like Reeves Complete Auto Center, Inc. for assistance.

Reeves’ qualified mechanics are able to figure out exactly what repairs are needed with the transmission through the use of a connection to the vehicle’s computer, according to officials.

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As a Confidence Plus certified automotive repair shop, Reeves Complete Auto Center, Inc. also offers its customers the Confidence Plus North American Warranty for transmission repair services.

“Have peace of mind that we stand by our work and will do everything possible to make sure your vehicle is running as well as it can,” the Santa Clarita auto center said.

Reeves Complete Auto Center is a local Santa Clarita automotive center specializing in a wide variety of automotive maintenance and repair services including brakes, oil change, tune ups, engine repair, transmission repair, lifetime oil change, and general maintenance and service. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, Reeves Auto Center aims to serve all customers with quality and value. 

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