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7 Car Maintenance Tips For Santa Clarita Motorists

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Motorists who perform routine maintenance on their vehicles help ensure a safer and smoother ride in Santa Clarita. Routine maintenance reduces the chance of roadside breakdowns and promotes a longer lifespan for a vehicle.

Here are seven car maintenance tips for Santa Clarita motorists:

1 – Oil Change

Many motorists are aware that oil maintenance or repair can be a headache. It can be a hassle to find the time and money to get the job done. Reeves Complete Auto Center, Inc. aims to provide a solution to the problem with our Lifetime Oil Change Program.

Motorists pay a premium to enroll in the program. Then they can receive an oil change whenever they need to without worrying about additional fees. You can even transfer the service to a new vehicle, paying the difference if the vehicle would require a more costly plan.

2 – Brake Repair

A vehicle’s brakes are an integral part of keeping motorists safe on the road. Brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles. If a vehicle’s brakes are screeching, locking up or taking longer to stop than usual, a vehicle inspection might be necessary.

3 – AC Maintenance

It is commonly known that air conditioning service is usually required when an unusual noise can be heard during operation, a sign that could indicate that there might be an active issue with the fan or the blower.

Most motorists are advised to have vehicle AC inspections every 20,000 miles, though our Santa Clarita auto service center recommends checking the vehicle’s owner’s manual because different manufacturers have different maintenance schedules.

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4 – Tire Rotation

The auto center in Santa Clarita says motorists should rotate their tires because it can affect how well the tire treads are able to make contact with the ground. When a vehicle’s tires are rotated, they are repositioned so the treads wear evenly.

The average vehicles’ tires should be rotated approximately every 5,000 – 8,000 miles driven.

5 – Suspension

Motorists can help keep their rides smooth while driving by turning to the auto service center in Santa Clarita for suspension repair and maintenance services. A properly functioning suspension can help motorists save money long-term on tires and alignments.

6 – Check the Filters

Most modern vehicles have two filters: a cabin filter and engine filter. Motorists can quickly determine if the filters need to be replaced by looking at them. Dirty filters that need to be changed appear black in color.

7 – Check the Fluids

Every vehicle uses a number of fluids to function optimally. Reeves Complete Auto Center, Inc. advises motorists to consult their owner’s manual about specific fluids and when they need to be changed or refilled.

Reeves Complete Auto Center is a local Santa Clarita automotive center specializing in a wide variety of automotive maintenance and repair services including brakes, oil change, tune ups, engine repair, transmission repair, lifetime oil change, and general maintenance and service. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, Reeves Auto Center aims to serve all customers with quality and value. 

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7 Car Maintenance Tips For Santa Clarita Motorists

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